Hi there! Nice of you to drop by my home page! Right now I'm trying out some new stuff, like playing with the Google AMP Story component. Pretty neat, huh? So. Enjoy this short story and you'll find ways to contact me at the end, if you like. Oh, did I mention? I write code and fiction.

"Shiva's Third Eye" (in Swedish), is my first fiction novel. An action-packed story about three friends that happen to create the perfect global surveillance system and by doing so, become the target of the whole world's intelligence community.

"Kali's Fourth Hand" (in Swedish) is the follow-up to "Shiva's Third Eye". This time our three friends take on a Mexican cartel, American mercenaries, and are determined to hack the stock exchange for the ultimate heist and big escape.

Problem solving 101

Gathering food for the whole winter is a daunting task for this little fellow. So how does the squirrel do it? By collecting a a few acorns every day. This is one way to approach problem solving: Break it down to managable pieces, and solve them one at a time. Just make sure you remember where you stored the acorns :D

Time to go

Short is sweet, indeed. I'll leave you with the hypnotic beat of the Diables de Sant Cugat, just to show off the sound capabilities of AMP Story. Pump up that volume and dance!