Hi there! Right now I'm writing on a novel about a near future when there's a gold rush in space. The main character is a "Rock Hopper", mining for precious metal in the Asteroid Belt, competing with the large space mining companies and fending off pirates. It's 2045 and the Satellite Wars for near space dominance have just ended. But the race for resources in deep space has just begun.


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"Shiva's Third Eye" (in Swedish), is my first fiction novel. An action-packed story about three friends that happen to create the perfect global surveillance system and by doing so, become the target of the whole world's intelligence community.

"Kali's Fourth Hand" (in Swedish) is the follow-up to "Shiva's Third Eye". This time our three friends take on a Mexican cartel, American mercenaries, and are determined to hack the stock exchange for the ultimate heist and big escape.